Short Biography
  • Dr. Amar Agarwal, MS, FRCS, FRCOphth
  • Dr Agarwal is the Chairman and Managing Director of Dr.Agarwal’s group of eye hospitals and Eye Research Centre in Chennai, India. Past President- International society of Refractive surgery (ISRS) and also serves as Secretary General-Indian Intraocular implant and Refractive society (IIRSI).
  • Dr Agarwal introduced many innovations in ophthalmology including “Phakonit” and “Microphakonit” and “FAVIT” and PDEK, he was the first to use forced infusion for small incision cataract surgery. He was also the first surgeon to implant a new mirror telescopic IOL (LMI) for patients suffering from age related macular degeneration. He has also been the first in the world to implant a Glued IOL.
  • Dr Agarwal has designed many surgical instruments including the “Trocar anterior chamber maintainer”. He also described a new technique of iris suturing called Single pass Four Throw (SFT) pupilloplasty and a technique of Pinhole Pupilloplasty to treat patients with very high astigmatism of even up to 20 D.
  • Dr. Agarwal has performed more than 150 live surgeries at various conferences. His videos have won many awards at the film festivals of ASCRS, AAO and ESCRS. He has also written more than 75 books which have been published in various languages- English, Spanish and Polish.