Instruction Courses Terms and Conditions

Instruction Courses Terms and Conditions

– Deadline 18 August 2023.

– You may only submit a maximum of two Instructional Courses.

– Course duration will be 60 or 90 minutes. You will be asked to indicate the duration of your course in your submission. The committee reserves the right to amend the duration of your course.

The number of speakers permitted on a course is:

  • 60 minutes course: course leader and 2–3 faculty members
  • 90 minutes course: course leader and 3–5 faculty members
  • Note: There can only be 1 leader per course.

– Before submitting a course abstract, you must have already contacted all of the speakers and obtained their provisional agreement to participate in the course. You must also give the presentation as included in your submission. All faculty members must register for the congress.

– It is only permitted to participate in a maximum of four courses including being a leader of two courses. If somebody has been selected to participate in more than four courses, they will be contacted and asked for their preference of courses they wish to participate in. This must be decided on prior to the course schedule being confirmed. Please note that in this instance they may choose not to participate in your course. We will contact you if this is the case.

-Please use a short and scientific title for your Instructional Course.

-You must disclose whether the course leader or any of the faculty members has a financial interest in the subject matter or receives funds from any mentioned company.

-You must indicate if your course is focused on a single company or product.

-The course leader is the “submitting author” on the course submission form and will be the primary contact for all correspondence with the office.

-The course leader is obligated to be present throughout the course and the faculty members should be present for as much of the course as possible.

-Submitted courses will be reviewed by a minimum of three members of the Education Committee. The abstracts will be ranked according to their average score. The courses will be judged on the quality of the abstract.

– Leaders of new courses will be asked to provide a CV and details of previous courses/publications on the topic. In addition, specific topics that need to be covered will be taken into account when making the final selection of accepted courses. The decision of the committee is final.