Presentations ``EOS 2018``

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title
Abdallah El Minesy Investigations PDF
Abdallah Hassouna A Closer Look at EDOF IOLs for Presbyopic Correction PDF
Abdelmoniem Hamed Femtosmile PDF
Abdelrahman Elsebaiy Surface Ablation PDF
Adel Abdel-Razek Advances in Glaucoma PDF
Adel Alei Eldin Management of Retinoblstoma PDF
Adel Selima Management of Infective Keratitis PDF
Ahmed Abd Al Alim Using Triamcinolone Instead of AntiVEGF PDF
Ahmed Aly Snon OCTA in Glaucoma What’s New PDF
Ahmed El Kateb Post LASIK Phaco: How to Avoid and Treat a Refractive Surprise PDF
Ahmed El Masry Premium IOLS PDF
Ahmed El Sherif Keratoplasty Step by Step PDF
Ahmed ElShafiey DD of Optic Neuropathies PDF
Ahmed Hassan El Doghimy Retina Intravitreal Injection Course PDF
Ahmed Khalil Advances in Glaucoma PDF
Ahmed Saeed Laser Machines PDF
Ahmed Salah Conventional Ultrasound and UBM: An Over View Course PDF
Akmal Rizk Glasses Prescribition in Children PDF
Alaa El Dorghamy Conventional Ultrasound and UBM: An Over View Course PDF
Alaa El Zawawy Alignment of Tori IOLs. PDF
Alaa Ghaith Surgical Maneuvers for Unusual Complications PDF
Ali Mahmoud Eye Lid Reconstruction? PDF
Amin Nawar Diabetic Vitrectomy, How to Minimise Iatrogenic Breaks PDF
Amr Abdel-Fattah Gab-Alla Basics of Corneal Biomechanics PDF
Amr Mounir Complications of Femtosecond Laser Implanted ICRS PDF
Antonio Marinho Premium IOLS PDF
Antonio Marinho Cataract Surgery in Irregular Corneas PDF
Ashraf Desouky Orbital Apex Syndrome PDF
Ashraf El Habbak Anti-VEGF before Diabetic Vitrectomy , is it Necessary ? PDF
Ashraf Elborai Complications PDF
Ashraf Sabri Outflow Physiology PDF
Assad Nour El Din Al Azhar Keratoplasty Step by Step PDF
Ayman Abd Elgafar Amniotic Membrane Transplantation PDF
Ayman Abdelrahman Femto SMILE: Pearls and Pitfalls PDF
Ayman Al Shiaty Management of Infective Keratitis PDF
Ayman Elghoneimy How to Refract a Child? PDF
Ayser Fayed Conventional Ultrasound and UBM: An Over View Course PDF
Dalia Mohamed Aly Tohamy Posterior Vitreous Detachment after Laser Insitu Keratomileusis among the Egyptian Population PDF
David Sousa UCP – Focused Ultrasound: Automated Non – Invasive Glaucoma Treatment PDF
Engy Mostafa Anterior Segment OCT: What Does it have to Offer? PDF
Esam El Matbouly NANOS: Recommendations for Management PDF
Fathy Fawzy Anterior Segment Reconstruction PDF
Haitham Y. Al-Nashar Orbscan Corneal Imaging PDF
Hala El Hilaly Endophthalmitis in Children PDF
Hanem Kishk Common Mistakes in Interpretation of FA PDF
Hassan Eisa Optic Nerve Examination PDF
Hassan Eisa Emergencies in Ocular Motility PDF
Haytham Taher Anti VEGF and Retinal Perfusion What is the Effect? PDF
Hazem Elbeduy Types of IOL PDF
Heba Shafik Glasses as a Non Surgical Management of Strabismus PDF
Hesham Khattab Anisometropic Strabismus PDF
Hisham Hasby Tips for Lasik Redo PDF
Hisham Samy Viscoelastics PDF
Hossam Moharam Diagnosis and Management of Traumatic Endophthalmitis PDF
Hossam Zein Anti-VEGF for Neovascular AMD: An Insight into the Future PDF
Ibrahim Mohamed Amer Optical Zone PDF
Ihab Nafee Trabeculectomy PDF
Ihab Nafee Visual Field Course PDF
Ihab Othman Diagnostic Tips in Pentacam Interpretation PDF
Ismail Moftah Narrow Pupil PDF
Jane Aguirre One Network; the Academy’s Global Platform for Ophthalmic Education. PDF
Karim Rizk Retina Intravitreal Injection Course PDF
Khaled Mansour ELP, the Fifth Decade PDF
Khaled Mohamed Fawzy Modern One Stitch ECCE PDF
Konstantina Koufala Phakic IOLs PDF
Maher Asem Manegment of Secondary Scars PDF
Mahmoud Afifi Femto Laser Capsulotomy PDF
Mahmoud Farouk Vitrectomy for Ocular Trauma PDF
Mahmoud Genidy Challenging ILM Peeling Cases PDF
Mahmoud Rageh Accommodative Esotropia PDF
Mahmoud Saleh Epicanthoplasty PDF
Marwa Abdellah FA In Optic Nerve Diseases, is it Worth? PDF
Miltos Balidis Corneal Ablation PDF
Mohamad El Said Aetiology, Classi cation & Medical TTT of Ocular Surface Diseases PDF
Mohamad Elsada Overview of Paediatric Ocular Emergencies PDF
Mohamad Eltaher Endoscopic DCR with Mataireou Tube PDF
Mohamed Abdel Azim Neuro Behcet PDF
Mohamed Alshafie What’s Good for CNV PDF
Mohamed Anbar Phaco Fundamentals for the Beginner, Do you know your Machine PDF
Mohamed El Moddather Management of Infective Keratitis PDF
Mohamed Elahmady Case Report Submacular Per uorocarbon Liquid PDF
Mohamed ElAshry Modern ECCE behind the scenes PDF
Mohamed Gamal Diagnosis of Uveitis, How to proceed PDF
Mohamed Kabil Keratoplasty Step by Step PDF
Mohamed Khedr Capsulorhexis in Different Situations PDF
Mohamed Saad Surgical Maneuvers for Unusual Complications PDF
Mohamed Sharaf AntiVEGF in Wet AMD: Can OCT Guide our Management Protocols PDF
Mostafa Nour Case Presenation: Removal of the Shield PDF
Naila Siam Visual Field Course PDF
Nihal Adel Hassan OCT and OCT Angio Symposium PDF
Nour El Din Abd El Hamid Keratoplasty Step by Step PDF
Omar Trabelsi 27 Gauge Vitrectomy is Smaller Better? PDF
Ossama Nada Puncto-Canalicular Microsurgery PDF
Pandelis A. Papadopoulos Refractive Lens Surgery PDF
Radwa Nabil Flap Management in DCR PDF
Ramy Riad Premium IOLS PDF
Riad El Zaher Pentacam PDF
Sahar Abdelmonem Soliman Evaluation of Phacoemulsi cation with Intravitreal Injection of Bevacizumab in Diabetic Patients with Cataract and Clinically Signi cant Diabetic Macular Edema PDF
Said Shalaby Controversies in Glaucoma PDF
Salah Mahjoub Guest Lecture PDF
Sameh Fouad IOL Diffculties PDF
Sayed Abbas Phaco Machine PDF
Sayed Eltokhy Non Accommodative Esotropia PDF
Scott Barnes Is Phakic IOL a Last Resort or a Premium Option PDF
Sherif Kamel Clinical Presentations of Optic Neuritis with Different Etiologies PDF
Sherin Shafik Clinical Applications of Corneal Tomography. PDF
Simon John Keightley ICO Lecture PDF
Taha Labib Advances in Glaucoma PDF
Tamer Ebrahim Keratoconus Diagnosis PDF
Tamer El Raggal Surgical Maneuvers for Unusual Complications PDF
Tamer Gamal Nucleus Management PDF
Tamer Wasfy Retina Intravitreal Injection Course PDF
Tarek Eid Controversies in Glaucoma PDF
Tarek Mamoun Basic Steps and Instrumentation PDF
Tarek Ragaiey Controversies in Glaucoma PDF
Theo Seiler Customized Crosslinking PDF
Theo Seiler Scleral Crosslinking (SXL): Where Do We Stand? PDF
Theo Seiler Guest Lecture PDF
Theo Seiler Guest Lecture PDF
Thomas Orfanidis Patient Selection and Preoperative Examination PDF
Yasser Serag Intravitreal Steroids: Do we Still Need them? PDF