Presentations ``EOS 2019``

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title Presentation Link
Abdel Hamid El Hofi Complications of Glaucoma Surgery PDF
Abdel-Latif Siam Endophthamitis Course PDF
Abdel-Latif Siam Blinding Complications Of Intravenous Heroin Addiction In Young Adults And Their Management PDF
Abdel-Latif Siam Pars Plana Vitrectomy For Acute Post – Cataract Endophthalmitis  When ? , And How ? PDF
Abdel-Megid M Tageldin Phaco in radial keratotomy cornea Unsolved dilemma PDF
Abdelmoem Hamed Refractive Symposium PDF
Adel El Layeh Pediatric Cataract Symposium PDF
Ahmed Abdel Alim The role of ANTIVEGF injection in DME with VMA PDF
Ahmed Abdelbaset Assessment of corneal endothelial cell changes caused by Mitomycin-c application during pterygium surgery PDF
Ahmed Abdelhamid Ahmed Pathological responses of the cornea PDF
Ahmed El Massry Controversies in secondary IOL Implantation “Learning curve for Yamane technique” PDF
Ahmed El Shafey Management of Nystagmus PDF
Ahmed Farghaly Management of corneal perforations PDF
Ahmed Ghoneim Duetto presentation: Management of lens subluxation PDF
Ahmed Hassan El Doghimy Switching between different antivegf: when and how PDF
Ahmed Mostafa Eid Incision PDF
Ahmed Nour Malignant eyelid Tumours PDF
Ahmed Salah Safety and Efficacy Of TSCPC PDF
Ahmed Salah Ultrasound and UBM Course PDF
Ahmed Sedky Refractive Symposium PDF
Ahmed Sherif The failed big bubble PDF
Ahmed Sherif Mission impossible: DALK in extreme situations PDF
Ahmed Taha Conjunctival Incisions: Limba PDF
Ahmed Taha Rectus Muscle Recession: Direct Scleral Suturing PDF
Akmal Rizk Guidelines for A/V Pattern Management PDF
Akram El Gazar Fungal keratitis PDF
Alaa El-Zawawi Phaco challenges PDF
Alaa Fathy Updates on Treatment of Wet AMD PDF
Alaa Ghaith Tectonic Corneal Grafting PDF
Amr Awara Debate in C N L D Obstruction PDF
Amr Mounir Difficult Refractive Femtosecond Laser Cases PDF
Amr Saeed Management of immune corneal ulcer PDF
Amr Salah Eldeen “30 years experience with shunt procedures” PDF
Ashraf Desouky Cavernous Sinus Syndromes PDF
Ashraf El Habbak Refractive Panel: Recent Advances in Refractive Surgery PDF
Ayman Abd El Rahman Femtosmile: management of intraoperative complications PDF
Ayman Abd Elghafar Lateral orbitotomy in management of orbital tumors PDF
Ayman Elghonemy Surgical Anatomy PDF
Ayman Elghonemy Rectus Muscle Recession: Hangback PDF
Cynthia Roberts Corneal Biomechanics in Refractive Surgery: An Update PDF
Cynthia Roberts Common Misconceptions in Interpreting Corneal Topography PDF
Dalal Shawky Intermittent Exotropia, When and How to Treat PDF
Dimitrios Mikropoulos The quest for perfection in the Ocular Surface PDF
Elisabeth Patsoura The quest for perfection in the IOL Power precision PDF
Erik Mertens Phagocytes IOLs Pros and Cons PDF
Ezzat Nabil Orbital lymphangioma PDF
Gamal El Noubi Management of a small pupil, personal experience PDF
Guoming Zhang Treatment and Prevention of ROP in Shenzhen, China 2003-2018 PDF
Hanem Kishk Retinal imaging in chorioretinal dystrophy PDF
Hany Elebiary New Drug Delivery Systems In Glaucoma PDF
Hassan Eissa Missed Hints PDF
Hassan Hegazy Intravitreal injections PDF
Hassan Shams Post LASIK infection PDF
Hazem El Nashar Retinal expansion and macular massage PDF
Hazem Elbedewy IOL Implantation PDF
Heba Magdy Complications of Glaucoma Surgery PDF
Heba Shafik Rectus Muscle Strengthening: Plication PDF
Heba Shafik I O Surgery: Myectomy/Recession PDF
Hesham Fawzi Duetto presentation: Management of rupture posterior capsule & how to avoid dropped nucleus PDF
Hesham Khattab Atypical cranial nerve palsy PDF
Hisham Khairy Oncology Course: Different Unusual Presenting Ocular Tumors, How to Manage? PDF
Hisham Samy Viscoelastic&Hydro procedures PDF
Hossam El Falal Phaco Machine PDF
Hossam Koura Squamous cell carcinoma of eyelids PDF
Hossam Moharam Endophthamitis Course PDF
Hussein Ali Hussein Pediatric Cataract Symposium PDF
Ibrahim Allam Challenge of management of large lid mass PDF
Ihab Nafee Visual Field Course PDF
Ihab Othman What more does pentacam offer PDF
Ihab Saad Othman ROP PDF
Ismail Moftah Advanced Phaco PDF
Jane Aguirre one network: the Academy’s Global Pltform for Ophthalmic Education PDF
Karim Rizk Diabetic maculopathy other options than injection PDF
Khaled Abdelazeem Refractive surgery after DALK PDF
Khaled Fawzi Duetto presentation: Management of rupture posterior capsule & how to avoid dropped nucleus PDF
Khaled Mansour Late postoperative capsular block, peculiar forms PDF
Kostantina Koufala The quest for perfection in the IOLs PDF
Lezheng Wu 1. Exploration of the application of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology. 2. Robot-assistant in ophthalmology PDF
Loubna Elmaaloum Is it always an OAG?? PDF
Maha Youssef “two in one” PDF
Maher Assem Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Diagnosis and Management PDF
Maher Assem Orbital Imaging: clinician concern PDF
Mahmoud Abdel Badie Cortical Cleanup PDF
Mahmoud Afifi Duetto presentation: Management of narrow pupil PDF
Mahmoud Farouk Management of Ocular Trauma PDF
Mahmoud Ismail My experience with presby opic LASIK Correction PDF
Mahmoud Leila FA versus OCT in myopic fundus PDF
Mai Abdulnabi Electrophysiological evalution of optic neuropathy PDF
Manal Kassem Rectus Muscle Strengthening: Resection PDF
Manal Kassem Transposition Surgery PDF
Mariam El Fiky Classification and management of PFV PDF
Merieme Harouch Are there dissatisfied patients after ICL implant? Who and why? PDF
Miltos Balidis The quest for perfection in Cornea PDF
Moemen Seliet Vertical Chopping PDF
Mohamad Abdelmoniem Trabeculectoy PDF
Mohamad Saad Corneal cross linking for ttt of microbial keratitis PDF
Mohamed Abdallah Gad What to do and what not to do in diabetic vitrectomy? PDF
Mohamed Abdel Azim Harada PDF
Mohamed Ali El Afrit Ahmed valve device in pediatric refractory glaucoma PDF
Mohamed Ali Hamad Updates in amblyopia therapy PDF
Mohamed Anbar Nucleus Manegagement PDF
Mohamed El Moddather How to Initiate Prk PDF
Mohamed Gamal Outcomes of Biologic treatment for autoimmune Uveitis Experience of a tertiary referral center PDF
Mohamed Hassanen Laser treatment PDF
Mohamed Heikel Intravitreal Steroids: Types, indications and limitations PDF
Mohamed Khedr Capsulorhexis PDF
Mohamed Nawara Multimodal Imaging in Wet AMD, Activity Detection PDF
Mohamed Sharaf “OCT Angiography in Neovascular AMD… What we have learnt so far?” PDF
Mortada A. Abozaid Wavefront guided Customized Ablations PDF
Nader Bayoumi Childhood Glaucoma PDF
Nancy Safwat Sequential versus simultaneous photorefractive keratectomy and corneal collagen cross linking in keratoconus treatment PDF
Omar Beltaief Treatment of keratoconus: what’s new PDF
Omar Trabelsi ‘Intraoperative OCT in vitreoretinal surgery: advantages and limits’ PDF
Omid Kermani Surgical Presbyopia Therapy Today PDF
Omid Kermani and the winner is … PRK, LASIK or SMILE? PDF
Omid Kermani FLACS PDF
Pandelis Papadopoulos The quest for perfection in Refractive Lens Surgery PDF
Ramadan Hashim Role of endoscope in variant sinonasal pathologies presenting with various ophthalmic pictures PDF
Richard Smith 1. Imageing and gene sequencing don’t give all the answers; why we still need visual electrophysiology 2. ERG, the sound of retinal orchestra PDF
Sadek Maaly Double silicon intubation! Novel technique PDF
Said Shalaby Trabeculectomy With Opening Of Suprachoroidal Space PDF
Samar Sherif Epithelial Mapping: A New Tool in Clinical Practice PDF
Sameh El Shorbagy Recent management for neurokeratopathies PDF
Sameh Elagha Refractive Symposium PDF
Sameh Fouda Advanced Phaco PDF
Sameh Galal Before You Start PDF
Sameh Galal LR . Y Splitting PDF
Sameh Galal Faden PDF
Sami Rabia Guest Lecture PDF
Sayed Eltokhy Mechanical and Restrictive Strabismus;  Pathophysiology & Plan for Management PDF
Sheraz Daya Cataract Surgery in Irregular Astigmatism PDF
Sheraz Daya Trifocal lenses following Laser Ablative Refractive Surgery PDF
Sheraz Daya Corneal Wedges Patches and Crescents PDF
Sherif Eissa Viral and bacterial keratitis PDF
Sihem Lazreg Ocular Allergy PDF
Sihem Lazreg Recent diagnostic modalities of ocular surface disorders PDF
Tamer Fahmy New Laser modalities in treatment of neovascular AMD PDF
Tamer Wasfy Complications of intravitreal injections PDF
Tarek Eid Patients With AG Why Should We Interfere PDF
Tarek Mamoun Basic Steps and Instrumentation PDF
Tarek Ragaiey Monitoring Advanced Glaucoma PDF
Waleed Allam Toric ICL For Refractive Rehabilitation of Keratokonic patients PDF
Walid Saad Intravitreal Antibiotics: types and indications PDF