EOS 2023 Presentations

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title Presentation Link
Abdallah El Minesy Facial dystonia PDF
Abdallah Hassouna Five pearls in pediatric traumatic cataract PDF
Abdel Rahman Gaber Intraoperative complications during vitrectomy PDF
Abdel-Megid Tageldin Work up for posterior capsule PDF
Abdulla Naqi Lenticular intrastromal surgery: first experience with the latest generation of visumax 800 Femtosecond Laser; Three month refractive outcome, high-order abberations, and complications after myopic Small Incesion Lenticular Extraction (SMILE Pro)  surgery PDF
Abdussalm Mohsen Laser treatment of intraocular tumors PDF
Abdussalm Mohsen A leaking white retinal mass PDF
Abdussalm Mohsen Endogenous endophthalmitis PDF
Adham Salah Saro Traumatic severely subluxated cataract, how to manage? PDF
Ahmed Abd Al Alim Diabetic vitrectomy PDF
Ahmed Abdel Baki Micropulse laser in CSR PDF
Ahmed Abdel Hamid Rejection risk assessment and visual rehabilitation in keratoplasty PDF
Ahmed Abdel Shafy Laser treatment of retinal vein occlusions PDF
Ahmed Adel Pediatric trabs, friend or foe PDF
Ahmed Awadein Yamane technique: The fundamentals PDF
Ahmed El Massry Top five pearls in compromised cornea PDF
Ahmed El Massry Next generation phaco system & aberration free IOL PDF
Ahmed El Massry Cataract with keratoconus PDF
Ahmed El Shafie Cortical blindness PDF
Ahmed El Shafie Mechanism of tissue damage & orbital trauma consequences PDF
Ahmed El Wehidy Ab-externo angle surgery: A holistic less invasive approach PDF
Ahmed El Wehidy Circulating around Schlemm’s canal PDF
Ahmed Gad Visual field test and its interpretation PDF
Ahmed H. Aldghaimy Treatment options for PDR PDF
Ahmed Habib Surgery for stage 5 ROP PDF
Ahmed Hannon TED, when recession fails PDF
Ahmed Hossam Improving outcomes in Laser Procedures PDF
Ahmed Mansour Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Do we have a common consensus? PDF
Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman Clinical cases PDF
Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman Co-existing challenges. Plan ahead PDF
Ahmed Mostafa Abdelrahman NGTT PDF
Ahmed Mostafa Eid ⁃Incision

⁃Phacoemulsification in traumatic subluxated cataract

Ahmed Radi Algethami B-Retina: Persistent subretinal fluid following diabetic tractional retinal detachment repair: Risk factors, natural history, and management outcomes PDF
Ahmed Rashad Herpes Simplex Virus Keratitis is not that simplex PDF
Ahmed Saber Abdelhalim Flip Flap PDF
Ahmed Saleh Jamjoom Symposium PDF
Ahmed Shafik El Ridy How to examine & diagnose PDF
Ahmed Shawkat Preferred practice pattern in DR management PDF
Ahmed Sobhy Pathogenesis and classification PDF
Ahmed Souka Part II: Technique: Localization of retinal tears PDF
Ahmed Taha Inferior oblique surgery: Myectomy PDF
Ahmed Tharwat Buccal mucous membrane graft assisted DCR in management of refractory acquired NLDO PDF
Alaa Mahmoud Capsulorhexis and hydrodissection PDF
Alaa Radwan Anterior segment granulomatous uveitis PDF
Alahmady Alsmman Nightmares in strabismus surgery PDF
Aliaa Farag DCR: the road from zero to hero PDF
Amal Ahmed Elfeky Neiroimaging in NTG PDF
Amanne Feisal In the clinic, from doubt to certainty PDF
Amin Nawar B-Retina: Modified microneedle for suprachoroidal injection of triamcinolone acetonid combined with intravitreal injection of ranibizumab in branch retinal vein occlusion patients PDF
Amin Nawar Cases in which YAG laser hyaloidotomy can replace surgery PDF
Amin Nawar Autologous retinal transplant for myopic macular hole retinal detachment PDF
Amira Mostafa OCT and OCT angiography in neovascular AMD PDF
Amr Elkamshoushy Superior oblique surgery: Tenotomy PDF
Amr Mounir Noncontact meibography as a novel tool in diagnosis of ocular surface disorders PDF
Amr Mounir Cornea and Keratoconus: Distribution of corneal densitometry in different grades of keratoconus PDF
Amr Saeed -Cataract post PKP

-Cataract in Keratoconus

Amr Saeed Microkeratomes and different laser platforms PDF
Amr Samir Part A: Techniques: MIGS…. Evolution of bleb surgery PDF
Ashgan Mohamed Asaad One disease with different faces PDF
Ashraf Amayem Problem Solving of Corneal Infiltrates PDF
Ashraf Borai Lasik complications PDF
Ashraf Desouky How to manage a case of obital apex syndrome PDF
Ashraf Desouky Rare Orbital FBs PDF
Ashraf K. Al-Hussaini An Update on Fungal Keratitis PDF
Ashraf Sewelam My top 5 pearls to manage posterior capsule rupture PDF
Asmaa Ibrahim OCT versus FFA in diagnosis of AMD PDF
Asmaa Mohammed Basis for contacted socket rehabilitation PDF
Asmaa Shuaib Scleral tunnels PDF
Ayah Marrie A-Corneal and conjunctival infections: Safety and Efficacy of Black Tea Extract in the Treatment of Acute Bacterial Conjunctivitis: A Rabbit Model PDF
Ayah Marrie A-Corneal and conjunctival infections: Corneal cross linking guards against infectious keratitis: an experimental model PDF
Ayman El Ghoneimy Recession procedures: Hang-back PDF
Ayman El Shiaty Amniotic Membrane in Infectious Keratitis PDF
Azza Saleh REC in accordance with new Egyptian Clinical Research Law PDF
Bassem Morshed Periocular fillers: could be your best friend or your worst enemy PDF
Christina Samir Iris claw lenses: The fundamentals PDF
Dina Elfayoumi Expect the unexpected PDF
Dina Elfayoumi Getting help from AS-OCT PDF
Dina Hossam Retinoblastoma: different clinical scenarios PDF
Dina Hossam Inferior oblique surgery: Recession PDF
Dina Tarek Mohamed Beyond what you see.. the hidden connection PDF
Doaa Elfadaly Management of anti-elevation syndrome PDF
Doaa Elfadaly Continuing the care after pediatric glaucoma surgery PDF
Ebrahim Amer -Phaco without viscoelastic PDF
Ehab Ghoneim Artificial intelligence and papilledema PDF
Ehab Mohamed Hatab Paracentral Acute Middle Maculopathy “OCT-based diagnosis” PDF
Elshimaa A. Mateen E-Pediatric/Neuro-Ophthalmology: Expression of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 gene and optical coherence tomography angiographic parameters among patients with multiple sclerosis PDF
Eman Azmy Awad Cornea and Keratoconus: Thyroid gland dysfunction and Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism in keractoonus PDF
Eman Mohamed Elkarnshawy Effect of Intravitreal Injection of Ranibizumab (Lucentis) on Corneal Biomechanics PDF
Esraa Abo Bakr Mohammad Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Versus Autologous Serum Eye drops in Treatment of Severe Dry Eye Disease PDF
Essam El Matbouly Case presentation PDF
Fathy Fawzy My top five pearls in intumescent cataract PDF
Ghada Gawdat Iris claw lenses: The technique PDF
Ghada Gawdat Which surgery for which patient PDF
Haitham Thabit Rashdan D-Oculoplastic: Aesthetic and functional outcome of eyelid reconstruction PDF
Hala El Cheweikh Retina and Choroid PDF
Hala El-Hilali Capsule tension rings and segments PDF
Hala El-Hilali Adventures with GATT PDF
Hanan El Ghoneimy Retinal imaging in diabetic retinopathy PDF
Hanem Kishk Imaging in chorioretinal dystrophy PDF
Hany Elebiary Malignant Glaucoma following cataract surgery PDF
Hany Mekawy Pentacam in refractive interventions PDF
Hany Mekawy Pentacam: The cornerstone in refractive surgery PDF
Hany Sleem Informed consent in accordance with the new Egyptian clinical research law PDF
Hassan Hegazy Intravitreal injections PDF
Hassan Shams Phaco in brown cataract PDF
Hatem Ammar My top five pearls in hard cataract PDF
Hatem Ammar Cataract with uveitis PDF
Hatem Marey Inferior oblique overaction, not always the same PDF
Hayam Adel Apraxia of the eyelids PDF
Hazem Elbedewy IOL Types PDF
Hazem Rashed Forceps-Free Meibomian Gland Expression (FF-MGE): Updated management of posterior blepharitis & MGD PDF
Heba Allah Abdelwahed Said Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography Changes after Phacoemulsification PDF
Heba Fouad Scleral fixation sutures PDF
Heba Magdy Glaucoma surgery in vitrectomized, aphakic and aniridic globe PDF
Heba Metwally Superior oblique surgery: Lengthening PDF
Heba Shafik Intermittent exotropia: Recession-Resection PDF
Hend Gouda Helal Goniectomy, a game changer in the management of congenital glaucoma in the nile delta region PDF
Hisham Fawzy IOL Implantation in subluxation PDF
Hisham Gharib penetrating keratoplasty with other ocular comorbidity situations PDF
Hisham Hasby DMEK tissue preparation: Technique 3: Pre-cut Pre-stained Pre-loaded PDF
Hossam El Fallal Case 2 PDF
Hossam Elbaz Unilateral D Retinoblastoma PDF
Hossam Koura Learning from mistakes in blepharoplasty PDF
Hossam Moharam Post-traumatic endophthalmitis PDF
Hossam Ziada When ectasia is not ectasia PDF
Hossam Ziada Secondary IOL PDF
Huda Saif Aldhaheri Ocular surface neoplasia: One disease with many faces PDF
Ihab Othman Ocular wavefront.. A chance for a better refractive outcome PDF
Ihab Othman High myopia, A common ophthalmic Dilemma PDF
Ihab Othman ICL for management of high myopia PDF
Ihab Saad Simple cases and beyond. Beware !! PDF
Iman Magdy Glaucomatous field changes PDF
Islam Mohammed Raafat Cataract surgery after rupture globe and central corneal scar PDF
Islam Shereen Screening for ROP, how to make your life easier PDF
Islam Swaify From a lamb to a beast: A scary tale PDF
Ismail Moftah Patient selection & preparation PDF
Jason Yam Introduction about the IPOSC PDF
Jason Yam Atropine for prevention of myopia progression PDF
Kamal Okasha Cataract and Refractive: Our experience with a pseudophakic piggyback intraocular lens PDF
Kareem Bakr Orbital fractures PDF
Karim Adly High Myopia Diagnostic Challenges, role of OCT and OCT angiography PDF
Karim Rizk When to start and when to change your policy PDF
Kariman Gamal Tamam Role of mfERG after blunt trauma (case presentation) PDF
Khaled Abdelazeem Management of regression after LASIK PDF
Khaled Awad Elbassiouny C-Glaucoma: Applying health belief model to predict preference for surgical intervention versus medical therapy among patients with open angle glaucoma PDF
Khaled Khalifa ⁃My tricks and trouble shootings in phacoemulsification PDF
Khaled Khalifa Yamani technique 2 PDF
Khaled Mohamed Hassan C-Glaucoma: Long term results of viscocanalostomy and phacoviscocanalostomy in juvenile glaucoma PDF
Laila Hammouda UBM and Glaucoma PDF
Lamiaa Ahmed El-Aidy Hereditary lens subluxation.. A new management era PDF
Lobna Khazbak Flanged IOL PDF
Mahmoud Afifi Narrow pupil PDF
Mahmoud Alaa Abouhussein B-Retina: The role of Micropulse laser in DME management in the Anti-VEGF era PDF
Mahmoud Ismail Descemato-cele and Pre-Descematic cele PDF
Mahmoud Khalil Vitrectomy in diabetics PDF
Mahmoud Saleh Full thickness skin graft foctors of success PDF
Mai Youssef Abd El Fattah D-Oculoplastic: Piezo-assisted external dacryocystorhinostomy versus conventional dacryocystorhinostomy PDF
Manar Ghaly Intermittent exotropia: Bilateral lateral rectus recession PDF
Marwa Abdullah Hegazy Start where others stop! PDF
Mataa Abass Almaradny E-Pediatric/Neuro-Ophthalmology: Comparative study between bimedial recti Y-split recession versus bimedial recti combined recess resect verss bimedial recti slanted recession for surgical management of infantile onset esotropia PDF
Mo’Mena Ahmad Awad-Allah C-Glaucoma: The outcomes of a low cost, non valved glaucoma drainage device using mitomycin C: 1 year results PDF
Moemen Seliet Desperate times, Desperate measures PDF
Mohamad Hussein Sharaf Cataract and Refractive: Is flap excimer laser surgery justified in moderate myopia? PDF
Mohamed Abd Al Hamid Ozurdex in diabetic macular oedema PDF
Mohamed Abdelazim Eal’s disease PDF
Mohamed Abdelmonem Mahdy Combined Trab & Trab for synechial Angle closure PDF
Mohamed Ahmed Elshafie OCT biomarkers in uveitis PDF
Mohamed Al Hefnawi Endophthalmitis prophylaxis PDF
Mohamed Anbar -Posterior Capsule Rupture (PCR)

⁃Pupillary management

Mohamed Anis ITrace in Refractive Surgery PDF
Mohamed Anis Stepwise lasik procedure PDF
Mohamed El Ashry ECCE, Phacoemulsification, To & from PDF
Mohamed El Kateb Introduction PDF
Mohamed El Massry Management of aphakia PDF
Mohamed El Massry Dealing with weak capsular support PDF
Mohamed El Massry Myopic retinal considerations for refractive surgeons PDF
Mohamed Elmalah KDB, Ab -Interno angle surgery PDF
Mohamed Fakhry Milestones in assessment of corneal biomechanics PDF
Mohamed Fathy Transposition procedures PDF
Mohamed Gamal A. Saleh Multi focal toxoplasmosis in immunocompetent patient PDF
Mohamed Kabeel Novel surgical ideas for therapeutic PKP for advanced corneal infections PDF
Mohamed Khedr IOL insertion + Capsulorhexis in unusual cases PDF
Mohamed Magdy Mohamed Effect of migraine severity on the retinal nerve fiber layer thickness PDF
Mohamed Mahmoud Elahmady Blebless Glaucoma Surgery PDF
Mohamed Nagy Targeting the Vitreoretinal Interface in Diabetics PDF
Mohamed Nowara Intravitreal injections techniques & Complication PDF
Mohamed Saad The challenge of persistent epithelial defect PDF
Mohamed Salah Helal B-Retina: Dynamic progression of iRORA and cRORA lesions in AMD: Post Hoc analysis of TREX-AMD Trial PDF
Mohamed Samy Post Lasik HOAs; causes, how to avoid and treat PDF
Mohamed Sharaf Injections, the art of precision “Case scenarios” PDF
Mohamed Shehata Hussien Introduction to Small Incision Cataract Surgery PDF
Mohamed Sherif Ahmed It is not always that simple PDF
Mohamed Sobhy High myopia management: which contact lenses? PDF
Mohamed Tarek ROP: classification, stages PDF
Mohammed Al Amri Anti VEGF in the management of diabetic retinopathy PDF
Mohammed Saad Morsy Non penetrating trabeculectomy with mitomycin PDF
Mohammed Saad Morsy Perimetry in advanced glaucoma PDF
Mohammed Shikhoun Multiple image modalities in diagnosis PDF
Mohsen Abou Shousha Pseudophakic Macular Edema PDF
Mohsen Abou Shousha Expulsive haemorrhage PDF
Mohsen Abou Shousha Bleb associated endophthalmitis PDF
Mona Nabeh Mansour B-Retina: The additive effect of topical Dorzolamide-Timolol with intravitreal ranibizumab injection in diabetic macular edema PDF
Mortada Abozaid Patient selection PDF
Mostafa El Manhaly Management: AntiVEGF therapy in ROP PDF
Mostafa El Manhaly Part II: Technique: Creating chorioretinal reaction: (Cryopexy and Transscleral diode) PDF
Mostafa Mahmoud Dropped IOLs PDF
Mostafa Nabih Case 4 PDF
Mostafa Nabih Cataract in vitrectomized eye PDF
Mostafa Salah Case 7 PDF
Nader Bayoumi Secondary intervention after failed initial intervention for PCG PDF
Nermeen Refaat Ayaad Cataract and Refractive: Different lenticular sizes affecting SMILE myopic astigmatism correction PDF
Noha Khairat EOG and its clinical application PDF
Noha Mamdouh Soliman Ocular Prosthesis Manufacture Using Three-dimensional (3D) Printing: Outcomes in the First Ten Patients PDF
Noha Mamdouh Soliman Cataract and Refractive: Snatching: A modified cosmetic technique in pterygium surgery without using scalpel PDF
Ola Nasser Ahmed What’s next PDF
Omar Abdelghany Approach for tearing person PDF
Raed Shatnawi E-Pediatric/Neuro-Ophthalmology: A Single Botulinum Toxin Injection in the Treatment of Strabismus: A Retrospective Analysis of 29 Patients PDF
Ramy Awad Elbassiouny A-Corneal and conjunctival infections: Correlation between herpes simplex keratitis following COVID-19 vaccination PDF
Ramy Awad Elbassiouny A-Corneal and conjunctival infections: Evaluation of the efficacy of high fluence corneal collagen cross linking with three different UVA levels in fusarium keratitis in rabbits PDF
Ramy Awad Elbassiouny Would you SMILE after LASIK nightmare? PDF
Ramy Riad Case 6 PDF
Rasha Eltanmely Part A: Techniques: Deep sclerectomy…. Basics and modifications PDF
Rasha Moussa Yamane technique: The technique PDF
Rasha Zedan Unusual acute acquired comitant esotropia PDF
Reem Mamdouh Pediatric GATT, the CUPS experience PDF
Reem Mohsen Intravitreal injections: When to stop treating your patient PDF
Reham Mahmoud Novel OCT signs PDF
Safwan Al Bayati Lenticule extraction with the Schwind Atos , preliminary experience and management of difficulties PDF
Sahar Torky Surgical outcomes of consecutive exotropia PDF
Sameh Galal Faden PDF
Satenik Agagulian Novel and alternative surgical techniques PDF
Satenik Agagulian My personal tips and tricks to improve the surgical success PDF
Sawsan Abdel Sabour OCT & OCT-A and ocular Inflammatory CNV PDF
Shaymaa Hassan B-Retina: Morphological and vascular density changes by optical coherence tomography angiography in patients with macular telangiectasia type 2 PDF
Sherif Elwan Management of neglected trauma PDF
Sherin Sadek Large angle strabismus in adults PDF
Taher Eleiwa The invisible guest: Orthokeratology PDF
Taher Eleiwa Cornea and Keratoconus: Corneal graft segmental tomography for rejection diagnosis and prediction PDF
Taher Eleiwa A Novel Multi-Model Artificial Intelligence Suite for the Diagnosis of corneal diseases PDF
Tamer El Raggal Pediatric keratoplasty PDF
Tamer Massoud Management of Post-PTK haze PDF
Tamer Moussa Effect of cataract surgery on diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema PDF
Tamer Tawheed Horizontal deviation with congenital Brown syndrome PDF
Tamer Wasfy Cataract surgery in high myopes PDF
Tarek Elbromboly Early detection of glaucoma PDF
Tarek Hemeida Choroidal imaging PDF
Tarek Katamish “Reintroducing the art of manual DALK; an insight into my personal technique” PDF
Tarek Katamish Evolution of recent endothelial keratoplaty PDF
Tarek Katamish DMEK tissue preparation: Technique 2: Liquis bubble PDF
Tarek Katamish Different types of DMEK rolls PDF
Tarek Katamish Patient preparation (Wound construction & DM-Rhexsis) PDF
Tarek Katamish DMEK graft orientation PDF
Tarek Katamish Postoperative management & rebubbling PDF
Tarek Mamoun Basic steps & instrumentation PDF
Tarek Ragaie Non-IOP lowering approaches PDF
Tarek Ragaie Update on GFCS PDF
Tarek Ragaie Not all optic disc swelling is papilledema PDF
Tarek Shaarawy Custom surgical choices for all glaucomas PDF
Walid El Zawahry Strengthening procedures: Resection PDF
Walid Gaafar Hoffman pockets PDF
Wessam Salem Cataract and Refractive: Evaluation of the change in the deformation amplitude ratio, integrated radius and stress strain index as parameters of corneal biomechanics post different laser vision correction procedures PDF
Yasmine Meqdad Dichoptic treatment for amblyopia – Where do we stand? PDF
Yasser Rifay E-Pediatric/Neuro-Ophthalmology: Phakic IOL in children: our experience PDF
Yasser Rifay Cornea and Keratoconus: Accuracy of the indices of MS=39 anterior segment optical coherence tomography in the diagnosis of keratoconic corneas PDF
Yasser Serag Introduction, classification and pharmacokinetics PDF
Yehia Salah Cases out of practice PDF
Yehia Salah See well, understand better PDF
Younis Abdel Hafez Post refractive corneal ecstatic changes PDF
Zainab Ahmed Atypical management for atypical congenital fibrosis PDF